Friday, February 11, 2011

Early Morning At The Airport

I just arrived in Washington Dulles airport at 5:30 am, actually getting in almost 45 minutes early - and it was a United flight! There is something wonderful about being at an airport early in the morning. So much so that it was making me feel almost poetic. It was still dark outside and there weren't very many people in the airport. Just a few people roaming around that were in a similar situation as me, connecting from an early arriving flight. The nice thing was how quiet it is. No announcements yet, and hushed tones from passengers that were talking to each other.

As the sun came up, and the sky outside turned from black to the pre-dawn pink, I just felt an overwhelming since of joy. Perhaps a little because I am looking forward to being home with my family after two weeks abroad, but I sensed that it was something else as well.

Upon reflection, I think the reason why I love the airport so much, but perhaps why on this morning it filled me with a sense of joy, is, as the sun came up and slowly illuminated the aircraft parked at the gates, it struck me that the rows of airplanes awaiting passengers represent freedom. Hundreds of airplanes all waiting to take passengers wherever in the world they want to go. And it is at this time, that short window prior to the start of the hustle and bustle of the the day, that it feels as though you have limitless potential. The world is waiting. Pick your destination and go!

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